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As a husband and wife team, we have personally experienced the stress caused by someone forgetting to take the trash out. Apartment living only increases this tension. For many people, forgetting to take out the trash is as simple as just tying off the bag and walking it out to the driveway.  However, we know that for us and many others sometimes it’s just not that simple.


Colton worked long hours, six days a week. This often lead to forgetting to take care of the trash as he was rushing out the door on his way to meetings. Shaelynn, raising a 2 year old and an infant, couldn’t manage hauling the kids with the trash bags out to the dumpster all at once, so the garbage would wait, building up and smelling worse. By the time Colton was home, late in the evening, he was too exhausted to make the trip out.  The trash would once again be put off until a more convenient time.


We’re passionate about ending this struggle.  Whether you’re busy working, raising a family, or you just needing the help, we’re here for you!


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