When signing up an entire apartment complex, we provide a service, not only to your residents, but to your complex as a whole. 

Providing a service for everyone...


What does your property offer? A pool, gym, laundry room, club house?  How many of your clients are able to enjoy these amenities? Daily, weekly, monthly?  The truth is that not everybody can use these benefits all of the time. Pools, unless indoor, are only open half the year.  Most people have their own laundry units.  Not everyone has time to go to the gym.  At most, people need the clubhouse a couple of times a year.  While all of these are great, there is a limit to their use.  Become one of the premier properties offering an amenity that all of your clients can enjoy five days a week. Everyone has to take out the trash.


Creating a clean, welcoming environment…


By offering a consistent garbage schedule, you better maintain the dumpster sites, ensuring that over-filling and over-crowding doesn't occur.  Our team ensures each bag is placed inside the dumpster and that no trash gets left around the base. If the need arises, we can clear cluttered dump-sites from bags or bulk items. We will empty grounds trash bins and clean any visible litter along the way. Our five day pick up schedule also keeps people from storing smelly bags on balconies or by the front door. Stinky garbage no longer needs to smell up their home or your community.


  • Garbage pick up Monday-Friday from 8pm to midnight

  • Recycling: paper and plastic pick up Monday-Friday from 8pm to midnight

  • Recycling: metal pick up once a month

  • Moving day/bulk item hauling scheduled as needed

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Additional Perks 

  • Dump-site pick-up/even distribution of dumpsters

  • Property grounds garbage pick up

  • Create supplemental income

  • Rise above competing properties

  • Cut costs on your facility's waste management

  • Add recycling and create a greener community

  • Free up time for residents and maintenance crew to do the things that matter

  • An amenity that everyone can enjoy